Operations Manuals

How can we help you?

We are experts in Operations Manual documentation and compilation. Many companies and franchisors do not have adequately documented policies, processes and procedures. This can lead to serious problems from non-compliance to legal issues. Most franchisors or business owners do not know how to compile an Operations Manual, they can be complicated and time consuming. Unless you know what you are doing it really is a job best left to the experts. We can extract and compile the information required to prepare your Operations Manual. We can compile General Business Operations Manuals, Franchisee Operations Manuals and Franchisors Operations Manuals. The Franchisor and Franchisees Operations Manual will comply with the requirements of the Australian Franchising Code of Conduct. If you don’t know what needs to be incorporated – let us help you! Call 1300 293 239 or email us info@businessbubble.com.au .

What are Operations Manuals?

Operations Manuals are the blueprint of your business. Whether they are for Franchisees or employees, they document the methods, processes, systems, policies and how things need/should to be done in your business. Operations Manuals give instructions and structure, they also relay important information such as company policies and procedures. This is important as it can help and guide your employees, contractors, franchisees etc. to know what is expected from them. Franchisee Operations Manual must incorporate the complete “how-to” guide for the franchise business. It should cover all aspects of the day to day running and should be imbued with the Company culture. All Operations Manuals should be as comprehensive as possible, easy to follow, and it should provide accurate and applicable information needed for a smooth running operation.

Why Do you need them?

If you don’t have operations manuals, you can leave your business open to liability and non-conformity. If you are a franchisor you need to provide a Franchisee Operations Manual as part of the Franchise Agreement. If you do not have an Operations Manual or it does not contain all relevant information you could end up continually correct problems or resolve issues brought about by lack of direction or guidance. Operations Manual are necessary when you train your Franchisee/Staff members. Once their initial training is finished where do they go to find information if they have forgotten something? How much time do they waste trying to find out? It is much easier and more cost effective to document as much as possible so they can find it themselves.

What we can include:

We can help you by compiling and developing the features elements that need to be in your Operations Manual. If you don’t know what needs to be incorporated, let us help you. Manual may incorporate, but is not limited to:

  • Company Policies
  • Company Procedures
  • Administrations Processes and procedures
  • Operational Processes and procedures
  • Human Resources, Contracts, Legal Obligations etc.
  • Work, Health and Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Key Performance Benchmarking and Indicators
  • Food Handling Safety (if required)
  • Vision and Mission Statements
  • Customer Liaison and Care
  • Approved Products and Suppliers
  • Reporting Processes
  • Compliance and Legals
  • Industry Specific Requirements
  • Marketing and Sales Policies and Procedures
  • Recruitment and Management
  • IT Policies and Procedures
  • Roles and Responsibilities

For Franchisors

We know franchising and we know what you need for your Operations Manuals. So whether you need a Franchisee Operations Manual, a Franchisor Operations Manual we can help you. We take the worry out and ensure they comply with the Australian Franchising Code of Conduct.

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Call or email us and ask how we can help you and your business grow or get on back on track. Call 1300 293 239 or email us info@businessbubble.com.au – we are happy to have a chat! We are based in Sydney but we are happy to service businesses in other cities and most regionals areas.